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Adjudication Form (Primary Student)

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Time to move up! Almost there... Good Basic Understanding Some goals achieved Time to set goals
Introduction clear, memorized introduction of self, piece, and composer Intro is clear and energetic; confidence is shown from the very beginning. Intro is near perfection but has a couple of errors or lapses in performance. Memorization, energy, clarity, and confidence skills are developing but not habitual. Introduction is memorized but needs more energy, clarity, or confidence. Time to set goals of intro memorization, energy, and confidence.
Introduction Score 50
Posture alignment, energetic direction and focus, active torso, relaxed cooperation of muscles Posture is strong, deliberate, and poised. Energy springs up from toes through body to an open and active torso. Great habits are formed but there are some holds and tightness. Fairly consistent application of posture skills but does not stay actively committed. Posture habits are forming but need to build energetic flow and consistence. There is a general unawareness of posture technique.
Posture Score 50
Rhythm accuracy of note and rest values Outstanding accuracy and care of detailed rhythmic adjustments. Infrequent errors and rhythmic confidence. Occasional rhythmic errors and a lack of connection to accompaniment. Numerous inaccuracies. Needs work on memorizing rhythmic variation. General unawareness of rhythmic movement.
Rhythm Score 50
Melody accuracy of melodic material Outstanding accuracy and care to pitches and general melodic material. Pitches are accurate but sometimes lack purposeful choices in melody. Most pitches are correct but there is a lack in melodic confidence. Pitch accuracy is on its way but still needs active choices. There is a general unawareness of melodic movement. Time to set goals of specific melodic work time.
Melody Score 50
Focus performance awareness, dedication, and commitment Performance was dedicated to focus, confidence, and poise. Focus is near perfect with a few momentary lapses. Performance is mostly focused but energy is inconsistent with genre, character, or text. Desire to improve is evident but more skills are needed to keep clear focus. General unawareness of performance poise and/or lack of energetic drive.
Focus Score 50