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Adjudication Form (Beginning Student)

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Time to move up! Almost there... Good Basic Understanding Some goals achieved Time to set goals
Posture forward on toes, angle of body, flexible alignment, utilization of full body coordination Real comfort and ease in posture. Understanding and ability to adjust when needed. Minor errors or holds in body but there is a general understanding and ability to adjust is often successful. Basic posture understanding but still needs practice finding adjustments. New techniques are being applied but there is still a lacking of understanding the concerpts of alignment. Unawareness of tension, posture, and methods of alignment.
Posture Score 50
Breath inhalation, exhalation, use of suspensions, onset/release of voice, consistent airflow Tone is clear without being pressed. Onset and release of voice is smooth and free of tension. Suspensions create ease between phrases. Airflow is consistent but not habitually moving with phrasing. Intermittent use of suspensions between inhale and exhale. General understanding of breath but not a consistent application of skills. Some sense of breath technique, but coordination of inhale, exhale, and suspension are not yet developed. An unawareness of breathing problems. There is a need for basic knowledge of breathing skills.
Breath Score 50
Rhythm accuracy of note and rest values, duration, pulse, steadiness, correctness of meters Outstanding accuracy. Correct pulse/meter used throughout the performance. Infrequent errors with a pulse that is mostly correct. Occasional rhythmic errors with a lack of consistency in pulse and/or meter. Numerous inaccurate rhythms with an incorrect pulse/meter. An unawareness of rhythms, meter, and pulse.
Rhythm Score 50
Melody accuracy of melodic and harmonic material, phrase direction, use of dissonance and consonance Melody is accurate and musical. There is a coordination between melody and harmony. Dissonances/consonances are approached with preparation. Pitches are accurate. There is evident knowledge of melodic/harmonic relations but sometimes a lack in active choices. Most pitches are correct but there is a general lacking of connection between the musicality/phrasing of a melodic line and harmonic support. Pitch accuracy is on its way but still needs confidence and musicality. Thought process of phrasing and harmonic relationships is needed. There is a lack of understanding of pitch relationships. Time to set goals of specific melodic work time.
Melody Score 50
Diction pronunciation, clarity of text and text meaning Correct, intelligible, and expressive pronunciation for the language being performed. Minor errors in pronunciation or consonant enunciation but general idea of text is evident. Several errors in diction and consonant enunciation. Text is clear as words but unclear as a whole. Incorrect pronunciation. Lacking consonant enunciation. Pronunciation is incorrect and text is unclear. Inconsistent explosive consonants and vowel shapes.
Diction Score 50
Performance poise, general conduct, mannerisms, drama, memory Literature chosen is appropriate for the student's skill level. Demeanor is outstanding. Song is well memorized. Song is memorized, but the exact drama is unclear. Excellent performance demeanor. General poise and conduct needs some minor refining. Dramatic material is misunderstood or not present. Some memory and/or deportment lapses. Timing with accompaniment is insecure. Nerves interfere with performance. Proper performance conduct is lacking. Performer is unfocused. Major memory flaws.
Performance Score 50