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Adjudication Form (Advanced Student)

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Superior Excellent Good Fair Poor
Tone Quality resonance, control, clarity, focus, consistency, warmth, vowel formation Open, resonant, stylistically appropriate tone in all registers. Round, well-matched vowels. Appropriate tone most of the time but lacks consistency in outer ranges. Good vowel formation. Has basic tonal concepts but some inconsistencies throughout the entire range. Vowels fairly well formed. Weak or forced tonal production much of the time. Tone lacks full resonance. Vowels not well matched. A lack of understanding of how to produce a healthy, basic tone. Unawarness of vowel matching.
Tone Quality Score 50
Intonation accuracy to intended pitches Accurate intonation in all registers. Pitch adjustments are made instantly. Melody flows with the harmonic progression. Minimal intonation difficulties. Pitch adjustments are usually successful. Melody is almost always related to accompaniment. Generally accurate intonation with some out of tune notes. Pitch adjustment skills are developing. Slight disconnect between melody and harmonic support. Some sense of intonation but pitch adjustment skills are not developed. Melody is disconnected from harmonic movement. There is an unawareness of tuning problems. Needs basic pitch adjustment and ensemble relating skills.
Intonation Score 50
Rhythm accuracy of note and rest values, duration, pulse, steadiness, correctness of meters, relation to accompaniment Outstanding accuracy. Artistic ownership of relationship of meter, pulse, and ensemble. Infrequent errors with a pulse that is mostly correct Occasional rhythmic errors with a lack of consistence in pulse and/or meter. Numerous inaccurate rhythms with an incorrect pulse/meter. An unawareness of rhythms, meter, and pulse.
Rhythm Score 50
Technique posture, breath management, onset and release of sound, musical and/or mechanical skill Habitually correct posture, breathing, support, balanced onset and release, artistic use of suspensions. Proper vocal technique is employed but has some minor inconsistencies. Good technique is emergin but has yet to be habituated. Major inconsistencies in posture and breath management. Matters of posture, breahing, and support are not evident.
Technique Score 50
Diction pronunciation, clarity of text and meaning Correct, intelligible and expressive pronunciation with authentic clarity of language interpretation. Minor errors in pronunciation or consonant enunciation. Clarity of meaning but slight lack in authenticity. Several errors in vowel and consonant enunciation. Text is clear as words, but unclear as a whole. Incorrect pronunciation. Lacking most consonant and vowel enunciation Pronunciation is incorrect and text is unclear. Inconsistent explosive consonants and vowel shapes.
Diction Score 50
Performance appearance, poise, general conduct, mannerisms, facial expression, memory Literature chosen is appropriate for the student's skil level. Demeanor is outstanding. Song is well memorized. Emotion is clear and deliberate. Song is memorized but the piece is slightly more difficult than the singer's current abilities. Excellent performance demeanor. Appropriate repertoire with slight lack in preparation. General poise and conduct needs some minor refining. Preparation is lacking for the difficulty of the piece. Some memory and/or deportment lapses. Proper performance conduct is lacking. Performer is unfocused. Musical selection is inappropriate. Major memory flaws.
Performance Score 50